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Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a common comorbidity in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), especially among those with moderate-severe COPD, and this complex entity is associated with significant risk of hospitalization and mortality. Unfortunately, due to variable definitions for PH in COPD, limitations in previous study designs, and mixed study results, there has been a lack of strong and consistent clinical evidence for the effective guidance of appropriate pharmacotherapy, at least beyond treatment with oxygen. As such, COPD-associated PH continues to be under-recognized, under-diagnosed, and under-treated.

However, as a disease that truly focuses on the heart-lung interaction, PH in COPD represents the intersection of pulmonary and cardiology specialties, where there are ongoing collaborative strides to improve our understanding of the pathophysiology and natural progression of COPD-associated PH; which in turn drives the research and implementation of optimal diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for these patients.

This unique web portal provides access to a suite of important CME activities that have been designed and developed by key thought leaders in the fields of cardiology and pulmonology, who are focused on improving awareness, expanding knowledge, and driving cutting-edge research of PH in COPD. Please explore the various CME programs that are housed on this web portal, and check back often for current insights and news updates.
CME Activities
  • Clinical Primer
  • The Heart of the Matter: A Case-Based Approach to Exploring Therapeutic Strategies for Patients with COPD and Left Heart Disease - Case 1
  • The Heart of the Matter: A Case-Based Approach to Exploring Therapeutic Strategies for Patients with COPD and PH - Case 2
  • Examining Pivotal Studies in PH-COPD: A Journal Club Activity
  • Pulmonary Vascular Disease in COPD: Clinical Interactions Between Diffuse Lung Disease and Cardiac Function
Polls & Peers
Which of the following is the gold-standard diagnostic technique for COPD-associated PH?
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